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A Thoughtful Touch for the Body, Mind & Soul.

Therapeutic Massage by Elayne Rosa



Elayne Rosa
Licensed Massage Therapist

I’m a graduate from PMTI -  Potomac Massage Training Institute in Washington DC.


Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist by Dr. Vodder International School in Oakland, California 

A member of the AMTA - American Massage Therapy   Association. 

As a cancer survivor, I truly believe in the power of touch, I have felt it myself. I understand that treating the body as a whole - body, mind & soul - can create a inner balance that will make a difference over all, releasing tension on the body, calming the mind and nourishing the soul. For that I combine the power of touch, prayer and different techniques including: 

lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, swedish, deep tissue, hot stones, stretching and others that I'll continuing to learn.


Hand massage

My Willow Care Signature

A combination of swedish​, deep tissue, sports massage, aromatherapy & hot stone

Almost a year ago my ears started to ring, I was diagnosed with Tinnitus. I went to multiple Doctor's and did countless exams, however, the only answer I received was "nothing can be done". Elayne heard my story and offered to help right away. With Elayne's massage therapy I've been able to sleep better, had significant decrease in headaches, and as a result of better sleep and less headaches, my energy and concentration increased during the day. I thank God for Elayne's job and fantastic results.

I can't say enough good things about Elayne. I'm extremely picky - I once had an inappropriate practitioner, and it made me feel on guard with everyone after that. However, with Elayne, I always feel safe and in caring hands. She is genuinely considerate as well as physically intuitive. I have started having weekly massages for the first time in my life, something I wouldn't stretch my budget for if I didn't like Elayne so much. Her massages are the perfect combination of body work and indulgence.


I have been practicing dentistry for 24 years now. As time has past, I started to develop lower back pain from improper posture. The pain had been getting progressively worse until it was almost unbearable. My primary doctor and back specialist recommended surgery. I did not do it. I tried a chiropractor but the pain continued. Finally, Elayne, with her healing hands, worked on my back and right away my back was feeling much better. I have continued to go to her religiously to the point where I don't feel hardly any more back pain. Not only did she relieved me of my back ache but she has released my mental stresses. She is an overall healer. Anyone, that goes to her will not be disappointed. She truly is a total professional, The Real Deal!!

Elayne has healing hands!! She was extremely caring and provided me with much needed relief!
Right now I'm going through a package for lymphatic massages (After surgery)and it's unbelievable how your body heals faster and reacts with such help from it (Elayne's hands)!! It helped eliminate fluid around surgery area and the swelling was greatly reduced!! Very grateful for everything! Thank you Elayne!

Kenia F. - Therapy customer

I can't stop saying good things about Elayne and My Willow Care! When I arrived for my massage I knew I was in for a treat! The warm welcome and friendly conversation made me feel at home. I was welcomed with a delicious therapeutical tea. The massage session is in a warm and peaceful private room. Elayne's knowledge and professionalism are top notch. When my session was over I felt nice and relaxed. My experience at My Willow Care couldn't have been better. I can't wait for my next massage session! Aeschylus Pluto

Magnus T. - Therapy customer

Jonathan - Therapy customer

Andrea C.. - Therapy customer

Jose A. - Therapy customer

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