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Manual Lymphatic Drainage


Here are some info on the benefits of lymphatic drainage! 

I always recommend my clients to get a lymphatic drainage massage before surgery.

We take in toxins from the air we breathe, the medications we take, the food products we eat, the chemicals we use to clean our house, etc.

Our Lymphatic System is responsible for getting rid of these toxins from our bodies, but it can get clogged up. Lymphatic massage can help the lymphatic system to eliminate all the toxin faster, helping the body to heal better after the surgery, it has a cleansing affect.

Lymphatic drainage also stimulates the immune system which helps you fight infection and it helps deliver nutrients to the tissues.

The lymphatic system doesn’t have a big pump like our circulatory system.  For loose fluid to make into the lymphatic system we must move. This is how walking is so important.

Lymphatic drainage massage works as a pump helping the lymphatic system to absorb the excess fluid on the body faster. For that to happen more effectively, the body will also need an essential fuel, water! 

Yes, we know how important it is to drink water but most of us don’t get enough water each day despite our best efforts. The more water we drink the easier it gets for the lymphatic system to get rid of all the waist loose in the body, busting our immune system.

So the most important home work after a Lymphatic Drainage Massage is to drink plenty of water! 

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